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Friday, June 8, 2012

Men, Women, Time, Space (audio)

Last week the Rebbe gave a couple of shiurim in the morning that I thought were simply AWESOME! Please pardon my enthusiasm.

The topics revolved around how men and women are built differently and how, if they stick to the way they were hardwired by Hashem, they can actualize their unique potential to the fullest. The particular contribution of men flourishes mostly in the realm of "time", while the unique genius of women comes out and thrives specifically in regards to "space".

This is a wonderful shiur for both men and women as it sheds light on each one's abilities. It helps crystallize individual purpose at the same time as it puts the other side of the coin into perspective, allowing each one to be appreciated as an equally essential component to healthy families and avodas Hashem.

(Running time: 29.57 min. - Size: 12 MB)

(Running time: 30:24 min. - Size: 14 MB)

The main discussion is in the first shiur; the second contains elaboration and clarification. The end of the second shiur veers off topic and is more about some attitudes developed in yeshivas today.

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