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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seeking the High Ground - Part I (Audio)

The recording from last night's session, SEEKING THE HIGH GROUND, is now available. It was indeed "an unprecedented opportunity to hear the Torah perspective on Innate Health."

In this introductory shiur, the Rebbe clarified many misconceptions about Innate Health within Judaism and the Torah world. He also laid down some vital guidelines regarding the roots the Three Principles have in Torah. He explained the necessity for actively seeking this understanding, how it can boost and bolster our observance of Torah and Mitzvos, and the importance of "choosing life" - living full, enriching, calm lives.

The Rebbe also gave examples of the kinds of situations when one should rely on their innate wisdom. Obviously, halacha and the clear statutes of Torah are never to be compromised because of one's intuition. But, the Rebbe explained, there are numerous times a day when we are faced with many other decisions. In the recording, you will hear countless situations and instances when we could benefit immeasurably from knowing how to connect and consult with the benevolent, wise, transcendent energy as spoken about in "Innate Health."

This shiur is the first of what will probably be a three-part series.

(Running time: 1 hr. - Size: 14 MB)

The Twerski Wellness Institute can be reached at or by calling 516-507-9946.

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