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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Contemplating Our Legacy

The Medrash clearly states that contact with a corpse is not what renders one a tamei meis, nor is the water of the Para Aduma what restores one's state of purity, rather it is a Divine decree that does both. That being the case, the question is why? In addition, assuming tumah is negative, how can fulfilling a great mitzvah such as caring for a meis mitzvah result in tumas meis? In this shiur, the Rebbe starts out with these two questions. The second half is about the contemplation that should result from visiting with death. What is our legacy going to be? Most people let life make demands on them and get swept away without ever pausing for long enough to get in the driver seat of their own legacy. While pinpointing our unique mission specifically can be a lifelong endeavor, the Rebbe offered a few general yet extremely insightful and fundamental guidelines for creating a "Jewish legacy."

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