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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thought and Innate Health

"Thought is like a river..."
DOLEH UMASHKEH EXCLUSIVE: Here is a great opportunity to hear the Rebbe speak about concepts in Chassidus, as well as about Innate Health!

This shiur was given the morning after the Rebbe gave his "Seeking the High Ground" session. (See here for that.)

The topic of thought is frequently discussed throughout all the classic Chassidic works. Sometimes it is mentioned specifically in reference to tefilah or learning as machshavos zaros, "strange" or "foreign" thoughts. In other instances, it is spoken about more universally, as the Baal Shem Hakadosh said, "One is where his thoughts are." Also, the whole concept of hamtakas hadinim b'shorshan, sweetening or rectifying harsh judgement, is dependent on how we view our relationship to our thoughts.

In this shiur, the apparent argument between the Maor Einayim and the Baal Hatanya about how to relate to extraneous and/or potentially harmful thoughts was discussed. The Rebbe spoke a bit about the Principles of Innate Health and how "Thought" jives with the approach of Chassidus. An additional point, the Rebbe explained, is that a person can't "run away" from something without having somewhere to run towards. Even if we simply recognize the nature of Thought and we see that there are endless possibilities for new thoughts to come our way, the Rebbe urged everyone to have particular, productive things on the back burner, waiting in line for when we "clear the slate of our consciousness" (as mentioned in "Seeking the High Ground"). An empty mind is asking for trouble. "Nature abhors a vacuum" were the Rebbe's exact words.

Listen to this installment of the Morning Shiur for all the particulars; you are sure to find it insightful and useful!

(Running time: 47:57 min. - Size: 10.9 MB)

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