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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yahrtzeit: Rebbe Eluzer Twersky of Faltichan (Tamuz 21)

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This past Shabbos (Tamuz 21) was the yahrtzeit of the Faltichaner Rebbe, Rav Eluzer Twersky.

Rebbe Yitzchak of Skver (one of the Chernobyler Magid's eight sons) had a son named Reb Dovid who had a son named Reb Shlomo. This Reb Shlomo married the daughter of Rebbe Aryeh Leibish Rokeach of Magrov, a son of Reb Sheya'leh Belzer. Rav Eluzer of Faltitchan was the son of Reb Shlomo. Hence, he was a direct descendant (ben achar ben) from Skver, and living until his chassunah with his uncle, Rebbe Yissachar Dov Belzer, he became heavily influenced by Belz.

Reb Eluzer had a daughter named Sarah who eventually married Rav Avrohom Stein. The names are familiar because Rav Avrohom and Rebbetzin Sarah Stein were our Rebbetzin's parents.

When the Rebbe, shlit"a, speaks about him he tells of his vast command of the entirety of Torah, revealed and esoteric alike. But, he says, what is really impressive is when you realize that his wife suffered a stroke in her early forties and he cared for her for the rest of her life. Somehow the circumstances of  his life did not deter him or detract from being the stellar servant of Hashem that he was.

His grandchildren put together some of his divrei Torah, letters and stories about his life in a sefer called Pekudas Elazar. [UPDATE: A second volume of Pekudas Elazar was very recently published.]

See here for a little more info.


Anonymous said...

Yisroel Avrohom Stein

Damesek said...

Yes, the Rebbetzin's father's full name was Rav Yisroel Avrohom Stein. Thank you.
He was the Rav in Faltichan after his shver moved to "I forget where" and hence referred to as the Faltichaner Ruv. A picture of his matzeiva can be seem in the "Sing During the Galus" post, linked to above.