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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yahrtzeit: Rebbe Yitzchak Yoel of Kantikuziva (Tamuz 24)

Yesterday (Tamuz 24) was the yahrtzeit of Rebbe Yitzchak Yoel Rabinowitz of Kantikuziva, the Rebbe Reb Leibele's father-in-law. Born on Shvat 16, 5600 (1840) to Rebbe Gadalya Aahron, the son of Reb Yitzchak Yoel, the son of Rebbe Gadalya of Linitz, the author of Tshuos Chein and a talmid of the Baal Shem Hakadosh. His maternal grandfather was Reb Shmuel Avrohom Abba, son of Reb Moshe of Slavita, the son of the famed Rebbe Pinchas of Koritz.

Text of newly erected monument over the grave of the Kantikuziver, zy"a.
In 1869 (5629), Reb Yitzchok Yoel was arrested by the Russian government and exiled from city to city. In 1871 (5631), he was allowed to serve as Rav of Yiktrinoslav (spelling?) under the watchful eyes of the police. A year later, he was freed entirely and permitted to resume a normal existence. That is when he became the Rav in Kantikuziva (today's Prybuzhany, south of Voznesensk in the Mykolaiv Oblast), and remained there until his passing on Tamuz 24, 1885 (5645).

Below are three pictures from Kantikuziva today:

Reb Leibele married Reb Yitzchok Yoel's daughter, Rebbetzin Rochel. More on her and her father will have to wait until I return from New York.

Rebbetzin Rochel a"h

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