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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Baby-Naming in Faltitchan

The Pekudas Elazar of Faltitchan
In my search for some info regarding the Radviller siddur, I came across something seemingly insignificant yet very intriguing. It is an invitation by none other than Rav Eluzar Twersky, ztz"l, the Faltitchaner Ruv and our Rebbetzin's grandfather (to the left), to his newly born daughter's "baby naming Shabbos". The text is in Hebrew and what appears to be German. This is not something we would have expected to find coming from pre-war Faltitchan (a Skver-Belz combo) where modernity was shunned to the greatest degree. One theory is that for "political" reasons, the Rav felt it worthwhile to invite particularly influential individuals to come to Faltitchan but needed an "excuse".

On Shabbos Parshas Yisro of 1924, the baby, the Rebbetzin's aunt, was named Malka. The Faltichaner had two daughters: Rebbetzin Sarah Stein, a"h, (the Rebbetzin’s mother) and,  yblch"t, Malka Katz.

Just for the sake of mentioning some Torah here, I saw in his sefer, Pekudas Elazar, that we say in Shmoneh Esrei, "ki atah shomea tefilas kol peh" - "for You hear the prayers of every mouth". The word for mouth is peh. The Rebbe Reb Burich'l of Mezhbizh said it like this, "For You hear the prayer so of everyone, even those whose prayers are feh!"

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