Wednesday nights - Rav Benzion's Tanya shiur..........Please continue to daven for the good health of the Rebbe (Yechiel Michel ben Devorah Leah) and Rebbetzin (Feiga bas Sarah).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Medrash Shiur News

Rabbi Twerski's Medrash Class will start again today be"H.
It will take place at 2:15pm Central time and then again after CBJ maariv (approximately 8:50pm Central time)
The afternoon shiur will be available online, by phone , and live in person
The evening shiur will be available live in person and on the phone.

In person - 
Afternoon - at the home of Rabbi Michel Twerski - 3259 N. 51st Blvd
Evening - Beth Jehudah 3100, N. 52nd Street 
Online - see below
Phone -  646-770-1952 (follow prompts for live shiurim, and wait for Rabbi Twerski’s name)
We are using a new video service which will not have any advertisements.
Please see below for the login information.
Being a new service, the recording module is not set up yet, nonetheless there will be an attempt to record it and post it on Please check there to see if it is posted.
Contrary to previously emailed information, there is NO NEED for earphones or headsets.
You can log in to the classroom using the following link no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the class:
CLICK on USER LOGIN and enter a USER NAME of your choice and your EMAIL ADDRESS.
  1. You may select any username you wish, but keep in mind that this is the way your name will appear in the chat room.
  2. Your username must be a minimum of 5 characters, and may not contain any spaces.  
You will then be taken to the classroom page.
You will neither see nor hear anything until the program begins. Feel free to introduce yourself to the other participants in the chat room.
If during the class you have any questions or comments, there will be a box in which you can enter the question.
If you have any technical questions or problems logging in, email