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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Medrash: Chukas 5771

In this week's Medrash Shiur, the Rebbe spoke about Moshe hitting the rock. Here are some main highlights from the parts that were more l'maaseh:
1. Everything is suffused with Hashem's presence and glory. You don't need to fight against the world. If approached correctly the world will surrender itself to you
2. While there is a concept that we don not rely on miracles, nothing is beyond Hashem and each and every one of us have every right to ask anything from Hashem. Nothing is removed from Him.
3. We must be prepared to do whatever it takes to bring about the honor of Heaven, no matter what is at stake, even or own ruchniyus or eternity.
4. Never, ever underestimate your words of Torah and tefilah, your acts of kindness, or anything else that you do. To do so is to underestimate Hashem Himself.
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josh p said...

thanks for chizuk,what awesome points to take out of from story of hitting the rock, i really like them

a couple questions:

1.who is behind "heichal neginah"?

2.did you mean 4 sons giving hespedim?

3. whats the difference between malshinim and mosrim?

thanks for your holy work
good shabbos

Damesek said...

I guess I saw five recordings and five pictures of her sons and just assumed. But yeah, I guess that would be impossible since Reb Shloime was niftar before her. The fifth recording is her nephew, the previous Bobover Rebbe.

I was wondering about the difference between "mosrim" and "malshinim" also. Maybe somebody has an idea? Historically, I think the nusach that included "mosrim" started with "ולמשומדים" referring to those who left Judaism. So there was no repetition in the original.

Nice to hear from you!