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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your Life Can't Wait

When Korach and his entourage filed their complaint, Moshe told them to come the next day with their ketores and they would see who Hashem chooses. They agree and come back the next day.


The Rebbe once explained that Moshe Rabeinu wanted to discern for himself where Korach was coming from. Something that is relevant to your very essence, to your life's mission in this world, cannot wait for another day. If it can wait, if it lets you sleep at night, then it must not be part of your purpose. Korach could have replied, "How can I come back tomorrow? You're asking me to put off the purpose of my existence for another time?" Had he done so it would have been evident that he truly was doing this for the sake of Heaven. Once Moshe Rabeinu understood that Korach did not feel urgency in his own campaign, it was clear that there was no redeeming angle about Korach's position. If it means something to you then it can't wait for tomorrow.

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