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Thursday, March 15, 2012

One of My Customers

A chosid once came to his Rebbe for a berachah regarding his parnasah, but was disappointed when the Rebbe was barely responsive. A short while later, another chasid went in to the Rebbe and was there for a long time, speaking about similar topics as the first chasid, and indeed received the Rebbe's blessing for his success.

Finally, unable to restrain himself, the first chasid approached the Rebbe and asked, "Rebbe, I don't understand. What's the difference between my friend and I? When I asked for a berachah, the Rebbe for the most part ignored me, but for my friend, the Rebbe gave him time and blessings."

"Let me tell you a parable," responded the Rebbe. "There is a merchant who does business with a large manufacturer. Every so often, he comes into town and buys a considerable amount of merchandise. One time on this trip he spent the whole day selecting what he needed in his stock at the store and making big purchases. As he's packing up to return home at the end of the day he realizes that the wheels of his wagon need greasing, and without doing so he won't be able to make it home. So he goes into the manufacturer and asks if he happens to have any wheel-grease. The owner of the factory gladly goes into a closet and produces a container of grease.

A passerby, who also is in need of some grease, sees what transpired and proceeds to ask the same manufacturer for grease.

'Oh,' he says. 'I don't sell grease.'

'What do you mean?' asked the passerby, perplexed. 'You just gave him a full container!'

'Allow me to explain. I am a manufacturer of fabrics. I have nothing to do with grease. This man comes in and makes a huge order of all different types of fabrics for his store; I have a relationship with him. If he needs some grease to get home I am happy to throw it in for free. After all, he is a customer.'

So, too, I don't sell grease. I deal in matters spiritual. This other man came in and had a whole list of issues to discuss with me regarding his Avodas Hashem. He talks to me about the way he davens, the way he learns, which of his midos need work, the way in which he fulfills the mitzvos. After all that he tells me that he has difficulty with parnasah. If he needs a little wheel-grease as well, I am happy to supply what I happen to have with me because he is one of my customers. But I am not a manufacturer of grease."

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