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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Minhagim: Chanuka Lighting (English edition)

Thank you to those who expressed an interest in an English translation of the minhagim. Here is a synopsis of what I posted previously.:

1. Light the Chanuka candles after nightfall (tzeis hakochavim) and after davening Maariv.

2. Women are obligated in the mitzvah of Chanukah lights to the same degree as men, but the minhag is that married women and young women who live at home fulfill their obligation through their husband or father. They should be present during the lighting and hear the berachos.

3. We light inside the house. The menorah should be set up next to a doorway with one end next to the doorpost (opposite the mezuzah) in a way that the menorah is parallel to the wall (see the picture of the Rebbe's menorah in an earlier post).

4. The menorah should be placed below ten tefachim (about 40 inches).

5. It is best to light using olive oil and to use cotton wicks. The Rebbe makes his own wicks each night.

6. The shamash that is used to light the other candles is placed to the left side of the menorah. In addition to the shamash, the custom is to have another separate candle burning next to the menorah as well.

7. One should wash his hands before making the berachos.

8. While the custom is not to wear Shabbos clothes for lighting the menorah, one should wear his reckel or jacket that he would wear to daven. He should also be sure to wear a hat and gartel for this awesome mitzvah.

9. One should first set up the wick and then add oil.

10. The shamash is lit from the "extra" candle. The shamash is held while reciting the berachos.

11. Recite the L'shem Yichud printed in siddurim. Haneiros Hallalu is recited while lighting. Lighting the menorah is an intensely auspicious time to daven, and specifically that his children should be G-d fearing.

12. It is customary to sit by the lights for a half-hour and recite the following: Vihi Noam and Yoshev B'seser (x7), Lamnatzeach Bin'ginos (x7), Ana B'choach (x7), Mizmor Shir Chanukas Habayis (x7), Shir Hamaalos Hinei Ma Tov (x7), Ranenu Tzadikim (x7). Then Maoz Tzur is sung. (This is the order according to the custom of the Rebbe, shlit"a. There are varying customs among other members of the family).

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