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Monday, December 19, 2011

Vayeshev: Dreams

This past Shabbos, the Rebbe, shlit"a, said the following:
Targum Yonosan ben Uziel says that Yosef HaTzadik could have interpreted the dreams whichever way he wanted and that would have been the outcome.
That being the case, what did Yosef have against the Sar HaOifim?
The mefarshim say that each one knew the interpretation of his friend's dream. The Sar Hamashkim had a good reason for not telling the Sar Haoifim - he didn't want to make him feel depressed by hearing of his fate. But the Sar HaOfim, who knew that the Sar Hamashkim would be set free, and yet he saw his friend get up with a sour face and didn't tell him the good news to make him happy. For that, Yosef decided, he deserved to get the bad interpretation!
(Shkoyach to Burich Twerski who was with the Rebbe for Shabbos and to Reb Yankel Londoner for sending it my way.)

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