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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Videos: The Rebbe's Purim Drashos 5772

I hope everyone had a freilichen and productive Purim. Once again, Purim in Milwaukee was gevaldig! The Rebbe feered a short tish immediately after the Megilah at night at which he introduced a new nigun l'kavod Purim. During the day, after everyone's individual seudos, the chevra all gathered together at the home of Rav Benzion where the Rebbe feered a L'chaim Tish and said Torah twice. At the conclusion of the tish, everyone met up again at shul for nearly an hour of dancing before the Rosh Kollel led Maariv in his classic, "Vizhnitzer" nusach.

Click READ MORE for the videos of the Rebbe saying Torah, courtesy of Tzuriel Kastel.

This third clip is a short taste of some of the lebedigkeit and simchas Purim at the Rebbe's tish. May the joy of Purim escort us throughout the entire year!!!

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Mordechai Perlman said...

Where can we hear the new nigun?

Damesek said...

or #21 on the NIGGUNIM page.