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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hashem, Where Are You? (audio)

Photo from this morning's shiur.
This past Shabbos, the Rebbe and Rav Benzion both went down to Chicago to celebrate the kiddush for Rav Efraim's new maidaleh. This morning by the shiur, the Rebbe said over what he said at Shalosh Seudos.

Hafladig isn't the word to describe this shiur. Everyone has, at some time or another, asked Moshe Rabeinu's question, "Hashem, where is Your honor?" The circumstances of one's life do not always facilitate the perception of Hashem's love. Sometimes we feel abandoned or alone. As convinced as we are about our faith, there isn't anyone who can say they haven't had to grapple with the seeming lack of Hashem's Presence in the cards they've been dealt. In this shiur, the Rebbe speaks about these questions, and more importantly, he offers a perspective on present challenges and past mistakes that offers great chizuk and even the ability to be joyous in the face of adversity and tribulation.
(Running time: 28:40 - Size: 9.8 MB)

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