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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rebbe Quotes: Not Being By Being

"If I cannot not be by not being,
then I will not be by being."


DamesekFan said...

What is the motivation to not be? Define not being.

Any suggestions?

My initial inclination is that this statement is made from the same place as Yonah. "Tov Mosi Me'Chayai" - a place of pain. A desire to no longer experience pain. To even seen death as better than life.

But one cannot not be by not being.

Halachah forbids it. A dedication and love for Hashem allows no room for the option of suicide for lack of a nicer word.

So if not being is not an option, the only other way to not be, is to be. {It seems that it is a forgone conclusion that not being is a mandatory and achievable goal}

This defies logic. One cannot not be by being, for being is the antithesis of not being. It's the opposite of the desired result!

Parah Adumah may hold the answer. How can it be metameh tehorim while being metaher temayim? How can it cause the opposite of what it is? How can it be both simultaneously?

It seems to me that both questions defy the same contradictory reasoning.......

DamesekFan said...

Not quite right Tzvi. See 11/27 blog posting with accurate explanation of the quote :)

Damesek said...

Either somebody has a dual-personality or there are actually two fans of my blog. I prefer to err on the side of caution and assume the former possibility.

The explanation, as per the Rebbe, appears in the post following the quote. Sorry if it was confusing.

In response to the suicide explanation, see the letter from Reb Motele to Reb Dan in the back of Pele Yoetz where Reb Motele warns Reb Dan about taking such action. While a person may really feel "tov mosi michayei" out of frustration in his quest for closeness to Hashem and His service, only the Creator can make such a move (as you mentioned in your comment). It happens to be an absolutely AWESOME letter and very worthwhile for all to see.

Its always nice to hear from fan(s).

DamesekFan said...

I have dual personality. Pokin fun at myself. I was really more interested on your thoughts of my post by Toldos part 2.