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 The Niggunim of Hornosteipel and Milwaukee

Many of the niggunim of the Rebbe, shlit"a, are world renown but the majority of Milwaukee niggunim remain an unintentionally well-kept secret. The same is true with the older niggunim from Hornosteipel. Below you will find an ever-growing collection of niggunim that stem from Hornosteipel (and its affiliates), along with many of the Rebbe's own. Make sure to check back often as I am always working on getting more niggunim available. Enjoy!

1) Hakafa Nigun #1: The Hornosteipler Rebbe, HaRav Mordechai Twerski shlit"a from Flatbush,  said, “I heard from my father, the Hornestiepler Rebbe of Denver, HaRav Shlomo Twerski, that Reb Nochum Chernobyler went up to shomayim on Simchas Torah and heard the malachim singing a niggun by hakafos. Reb Nochum Chernobyler brought down this niggun, which later became known as the Chernobyler Hakafah Niggun, and it is sung by all of the Chernobyler descendants (Skvere, Rachmistrivk, Tolna & Hornesteipler) today."
In this version, you will clearly hear the difference between the way it was sung in Hornosteipel and presumably Chernobyl, as opposed to way it is sung in Belz today. (L'maaseh, this version differs slightly from the way we sing it in Milwaukee, too.)

2) Hakafa Nigun #2: Another nigun that was sung in Hornosteipel for hakafos. The Rebbe's father used to dance to this nigun for one of the hakafos, and the past few years it has been reinstated in Milwaukee as well. Here it is sung Rabbi Dr. Sheya Twerski, shlit"a. 

3) V'Nismach: In honor of Shavuos, here is one of the Rebbe's classics. This recording is from the 1967 album, A Voice On High (Kol B'Rama).

4 - 8) English Ballads: Here is a ZIP file (23.9 MB) of all five English Ballads (The Tree, The Child Within, The Forest, The Old Man and Im Lo Achshav Eimasai), including the instrumental medley from the L'hodos album and an intro to The Forest.

9) Karev Yom: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a. The words are from the piyut that we say at the end of the first seder with the Rebbe's original lyrics in Yiddish. (3 versions)
Volume II: Karev Yom
L'hodos (instrumental)
Mendy Werdyger's a cappella version

10) Avi's Aufruf Nigun: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a, on Shabbos Shekalim 5771, the Shabbos Aufruf of Avi Appel.

11) Ashrecha Yisroel: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a. An old nigun that I haven't heard sung very often.

12) Reb Shloime's Lost Nigun: A nigun composed by HaRav Shloime Twerski, ztz"l, of Denver. Sung here by Rav Menachem Goldberger, shlit"a, of Batimore.

13) Al Har Gavoha: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a on Shabbos Nachamu, early 1970's. 

14) Tisch Nigun: A nigun, possibly of Vizhnitzer origin, that the "old-timers" in Milwaukee used to sing at the tischen of the Rebbe's father, the Rebbe Reb Yaakov Yisroel, zy"a. Recently, the Rebbe, shlit"a was reminded of this nigun and it has become a favorite at tisch. 

15) Waltz 5765: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a. Introduced after Shavous 5765 (2005). 

16) Nigun Rikud: A tantz nigun from Hornosteipel. 

17) Motzei Yom Kippur Nigun: An old Hornosteipler nigun, composer unknown. Reb Nuchim, son of the Rebbe Reb Leibele, zy"a, related that on Motzei Yom Kippur, the chassidim would sing and dance to this nigun for hours. 

18) Kol Rina V'Yeshia: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a.

19) A Freilichen Tisha B'Av: Nigun and lyrics by Reb Sheya, shlit"a.
The Rebbe singing
Reb Sheya singing 

20) Baruch Menachem Tzion: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a. Lyrics by Reb Sheya, shlit"a.

21) Purim Nigun 5772: Composed by the Rebbe, shlit"a, while on a trip to California. Introduced on Purim 5772. Arrangement and instrumentals by Tzuriel Kastel.