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Sholom Aleichem, Yidden!

Thousands of people have been moved by the counsel and divrei Torah of our beloved Rebbe, shlit"a, the well-known HaRav Michel Twerski of Milwaukee.  There has long been a need for a way of accessing the Rebbe's insight and eitza.

Baruch Hashem, there are many opportunities to hear the Rebbe speak: Leil Shabbos by the tish, Shabbos day after davening, almost every morning after shachris, and various other times. However, since the Rebbe's influence is felt by people scattered all over the world, and not just in Milwaukee, it seems that there needed to be some way of enabling people to learn the Rebbe's Torah from wherever they are.

It is for this reason that we have begun committing some divrei Torah to writing and posting them here, along with many recorded shiurim.

דולה ומשקה מתורת רבו לאחרים

Avraham Avinu refers to Eliezer as "Damesek Eliezer" (B'reishis 15:22). While Rashi says that this simply means to say that Eliezer was from Damascus, there are better ways grammatically to have said that. What's more, why would Avraham Avinu feel the need to highlight Eliezer's place of origin? Rashi continues to bring the words of Chazal (Yoma 28b) that the word 'damesek' is really a combination of two words - "Doleh uMashkeh" - which implies one who "draws from the Torah of his Rebbe and gives others to drink therefrom". This blog is written by an aspiring chasid, with the help of many, who is trying to do just that, for the benefit of himself and others. As the name of this blog implies, the aim us to draw from the words of the Rebbe and his predecessors, and giving others to drink.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog has been reviewed or edited by the Rebbe himself unless explicitly stated so. Therefore, any mistakes, be they from a literary standpoint or in regards to the content, should be attributed to myself and none other, and certainly not the Rebbe.

Anyone who was present at any particular drasha was delivered and has what to add or contest, please do comment.

Other areas which are free game for comment are obviously minhagim, chassidus, stories and all things Hornosteiple and Milwaukee, Cherkass, etc. Please share whatever you know.

The importance of the readers' comments cannot be reiterated enough. All ideas, comments and criticisms are more than welcome. Become a "follower". The more of us that are commenting, the more interesting and productive this can become. The goal is to foster a virtual shteeble or kloiz, if you will, where the chevra can speak and grow in Chassidus and mishnas Rabeinu. You get the idea.

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In the words of the Rebbe Reb Motele, "may we all merit together" to all that is written herein. Enjoy!