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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Korbanos and New Chapters

Thursday morning (05-31-2012) the Rebbe, shlit"a, spoke about the teshuva that the korbanos represent and how we can harness that avodah in our own times when we no longer can bring a physical korban.

Also in this shiur: the objective of mikva, using our imagination in Divine service, how to combat the feeling of emptiness that is the root to all aveiros. (Click "READ MORE" for audio.)

 DOWNLOAD (Running time: 41:21 - Size:4.73 MB)

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DamesekFan said...

Thank you Yitzchak!

Damesek said...

My pleasure and you're welcome!

DamesekFan said...

I was somewhat confused about this shiur. The concept is clear. Karbanos are designed to define our past indiscretions as non-binding which then allows us to commit to a present and future with our full, unbridled being.

As a technicality, this would apply to a sin offering (chatas or asham) which applied (to the best of my knowledge) when the transgression was unintentional (shogeg). However, for intentional or mindful sins (mayzid) there was no opportunity for atonement through a korban chatas. Only teshuva can rectify a mindful sin. Why not have a korban for the mayzid as well?