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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tu B'Shvat Torah

From the tape series, Experience the Essence of Yom Tov. (Running time: 108 min., Size: 15.6 MB)

A bunch of years ago, the Rebbe's son Reb Yankiv Moshe wrote the shiur down in lashon hakodesh. Thanks to him for providing this maamer for the public. Don't forget to comment; I am interested to hear what the oilam has to say about this shiur.

RMT Maamer Tu Bishvat


Anonymous said...

Well done Yitzchok. I am not qualified to comment in a scholarly fashion. Rather my comments will focus more on how the ma'amer related to me.

I only ran through it once, but it struck a harsh chord. Tu B'shvat is shlish hashanah. Danim oso al hapeiros. If one hasn't got his act together by now, it reveals the nature of his resolve may'ikara. This does not bode well for the most of us I venture.

Also, I always understood the Yamim Noraim as har sinai. The further away we get, the less of an impression it makes. Niskatnu hadoros.

Yes, I find to relate to this ma'amer in a practical manner, one must lofty to begin with.

Damesek said...

Reb Tzvi! A pleasure to see you here!
Yeah, I agree it is a heavy concept. Interestingly, the Rabbi speaks about this idea more often than we would think. Like you said he must be on a lofty plane to begin with to relate.
Regarding what you said that in light of this ma'amer most of us are in trouble, I feel the same way. The only thing is that knowing what the Rabbi would say to THAT is very helpful. The point is that just like the Yomim Noraim is a time for trepidation because of the judgement yet we are b'simcha knowing we are making good resolve and teshuva, so too חמשה עשר בשבט. We have to do teshuva on the first shlish but we know we can.

Tzvi Werther said...

This blog is a great idea. I will enjoy it!

The idea that man is not meant to eliminate the physical, but rather to embrace it, transform it is something we hear over and over and is a basic tenet of chassidus.

Where then, is there room for voluntary taanesim and sigufim which were legendary amongst the masters of the past?

Reminds me of the milchigs machlokes between the sons of the Baal Shem.