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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Rebbe's Hallel (audio)

Below is a short snippet from the Rebbe's Hallel from Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5772.


Ari said...

Someone just showed me this blog 2 days ago and it is incrdeible, Thanks so much for sharing Rav Michel Twerski's recordings and write ups. I daven by his nephew Rav Mordechai Twerski in flatbush and I am a huge fan of the whole mishpacha.

the clip of the rebbes hallel on this page did not work is it there any way I can hear it?

also the rebbe;s havdalah did not work

If you are able to put them up again when you have time I would really appreciate it.

Damesek said...

Hi Ari,

As always, words of encouragement and appreciation are wonderful to receive. Thank you, and I am thrilled that you enjoy and benefit from my blog.

There have been a lot of problems lately with the online storage service I've been using. I just fixed the links to the two files you mentioned, Hallel and Havdala.

If you come across any others, feel free to do me the service of letting me know via email ( Thanks and enjoy!

Ari said...

Thanks so much for fixing the links