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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rebbe Quotes: Approach to Learning

"If I could - if it weren't embarrassing - I would kiss every letter. I would take the Torah and I would hug it and I would dance with it every second. Your approach [when you sit down to learn] should be: 'I'm absorbing Elokus (G-dliness). I'm drinking in ratzon haborei (the Will of the Creator). It's becoming part of the cells of my mind. It's becoming part of every cell in my body.' If we sat down with that kind of an attitude our learning would be different. It would be with more of a geshmak, it would be with a hislahavus, it would be with a simcha! Who could compare to us when we are sitting and learning, finding out more information about [Hashem's Will]. Not only at the time are we absorbing Elokus and we are absorbing the Chochmas Hashem and the Ratzon Hashem, and its becoming part of everything that nurtures us, but its also informing us about the many different ways in which we can serve the Hakadosh Baruch Hu - even in commonplace, everyday things."

--direct quote from the Rebbe, shlit"a (from the "Most Important Shiur 4/4")

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