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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Most Important Shiur 2/4

As mentioned previously here, the Rebbe labeled four specific shiurim as the most important shiurim he has given (his own words). They are each on a different topic, not connected to the others, and each contains many themes and practical applications for implementing the lessons taught. While much of these shiurim is devoted to explaining various themes of the Yomim Tovim, they avodah that the Rebbe speak about are clearly for all-year around and always timely.

These shiurim have been posted upon the express request of the Rebbe, shlit"a.

The second of "the four most important shiurim" the Rebbe ever gave (his own words) revolves around a commentary on the four species of Sukkos. Each one represents a type of person (those with Torah and/or good deeds or without either), as well as a limb of the body (spine, heart, eyes and lips).

The Rebbe was presented with a question as to why the willow branch, representative of the one with neither Torah learning nor good deeds, is also the one that corresponds to the lips.

In the shiur, we hear about what goal we must have in mind while learning Torah, a description of the fragrance of one who does good deeds, and one of the "secrets" of the Rebbe success in bringing people closer to observance. Other themes are: looking for opportunities to make another person's life happier, the double-edged sword called speech and all of the power contained in words, the Jew at his best and worst and many, many practical applications and ramifications. DOWNLOAD

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