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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Davening With Mouth and Heart (audio)

Today the Rebbe spoke about some very important fundamentals in regards to davening, including the kind of integrity we are beholden to during davening. In Pele Yoetz we find the concept of פיו ולבו שוין (piv v'libo shavin), that one's mouth and heart are in the same place. In addition, Reb Mottele and the Maor Einayim say that in their highest expression, words of Torah and tefilah must be spoken בלתי לה' לבדו (bilti lashem l'vado), only for the sake of Hashem's service, without any ulterior motives. In truth, for piv v'libo to really be shavin, there must be no agenda other than serving Hashem (bilti lashem l'vado). So, even when one is focusing on what he is saying, and his mouth and heart are indeed in the same place, if he has personal or vested interest in his davening, then he still lacks that integrity.
The question was then posed regarding all of the personal requests that are made in the davening and how that fits with not having ulterior motives. Various other ideas were touched upon.
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