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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yahrtzeit: Reb Meir Nosson (Av 15)

On the 15th of Av was the yahrtzeit of Reb Meir Nosson, son of the Divrei Chaim and the father of the first Rebbe of Bobov, Reb Shloime. As we are told, the hashpaos of a yahrtzeit extend for three days so it is still relevant. In my humble opinion, this is not to be missed!

Reb Meir Nosson passed away as a young man. If I recall correctly, there is an account of his death in Nor the Moon By Night. On the yahrtzeit, the Rebbe told how Reb Meir Nosson's rebbetzin, "the Babba Beilish" went to her father-in-law, the Divrei Chaim, and began to tell him examples of her husband's greatness, things that the Divrei Chaim himself has no idea about. Listen to the short recording below to find out the Divrei Chaim's reaction. From this story, we get a small glimpse into the magnitude of this holy man's greatness, in addition to a candid look at how the emunah of even great tzadikim is at times tried and tested.


Reb Meir Nosson's matzeiva. He is buried in Sanz next to his father, the Divrei Chaim.

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