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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Motzei Tisha B'Av Yahrtzeit Seudah in Yerushalayim

As every year, the einiklech and chevra in Eretz Yisroel got together at Reb Mordechai's house to make a seudah for the Rebbe Reb Yaakov Yisroel's yahrtzeit. Yankel (Reb Bentzion's) made a siyum on Bava Kama by the seudah.
Eliezer Kwass spoke about his and other Milwaukeans' connection with the Rebbe, ztz"l, and Twerski family.

He emailed me, "As a representative of the older crowd, Mordechai asked me to speak from the vantage point of some of the people who grew up in Milwaukee. In short, I said that for us, the Rebbe was Judaism, and sometimes the only Judaism we had. Also - connected with the maaseh that Chaim said over a couple of years ago (you put it on the blog) - if he didn't have real Ahavas Yisrael he wouldn't have been able to be so connected to all the Jews in Milwaukee (almost literally); and if he wasn't a true gaon olam in Torah he wouldn't have been able to be involved in so many din Torahs and give so much advice; and if he wasn't really a kadosh he couldn't have raised such a family in Milwaukee. Zechuso Yagain aleinu v'al kol Yisrael."

Tzvi Pasikov was there as well, and emailed, "We realized that Eliezer was the only one in the room who actually saw the Rebbe ztz"l. We sang niggunim from Rebbe, shlit"a, and grammen from Reb Sheya. Chaim Shmuel led benching and then Kidush Levana on the balcony."