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Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim: We Will Not Kneel, Not Now, Not Ever

When the Megila speaks about Mordechai's refusal to bow down to Haman, the pasuk says, "ומרדכי לא יכרע ולא ישתחוה". While this could be understood  as "Mordechai would not bow", the literal translation is "and Mordechai will not kneel and he will not bow".

The implication is that there is something about Haman and Amalek that is so antithetical to the Jew that Mordechai absolutely could not kneel. In his not kneeling, Mordechai gave the message that Haman is so evil and so foreign to the Jewish mindset and experience that we will not kneel and we will not bow. Not now and not ever. He didn't bow with such defiance and conviction that it was clear to all that he could not and would not at any point in time.

When Haman saw this total and absolute determination-and he recognized it to be forever unfaltering-that's when he knew he would have to destroy Klal Yisroel, that there was no way to "convert" them.
Adar is a time of to renew. It is a time to renew convictions and reaffirm our undying and unwavering allegiance to Hashem and the mission he has charged us with.

On Shabbos Zachor and Purim, when we remember to forget Amalek, let us do so with every fiber of our being and let there be no room for anyone, including ourselves, to misunderstand our intentions. We will not give in to the yetzer hara. We will not kneel to Haman. We will not bow to any other than Hashem.

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