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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Propitiousness of Purim

HaRav Shloime Twerski of Denver, ztz"l, on Purim.
From the sefer Pele Yoetz (free translation):

"During the Purim seudah, Reb Motele said L'Chayim in his holy manner and then said the following:
Today, on Purim, there are three hashpaos:
1) The tefilah of each and every member of Klal Yisroel, even if davened by themselves, will come before the King of Kings and his request will be fulfilled.
2) On the average, our lips are moving and we are not so present to the davening. On Purim one is able to connect his thoughts with his speech during davening and learning.
3) Even one who is caught, chas v'shalom, in thoughts of heresy and transgression, today he can be aroused to repentance and he will return from his wicked thoughts and ways."
Look it up to see how he reads these three things into the Megilla (9:25).

In another maamer in Pele Yoetz, Reb Motele says:

"Today is the time to accept the yoke of Heaven and the oneness of Hashem upon ourselves, to serve Him completely through self-negation and the extirpation of personal interests, to fulfill only the will of Hashem. [This can occur] through the revelation of the central point of the neshama, the "pintele yid". From today on, we can accept on ourselves to serve the One G-d in all our actions and affairs."

These are just a sampling of the awesome power of Purim!

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