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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reb Motele on Purim

A little about the Rebbe Reb Motele on Purim...

I remember hearing on numerous occasions that the chassidim used to file by the Rebbe Reb Motele and each one would pour a little of what they were drinking into a large, sliver negel vasser cup that was placed before the Rebbe. It didn't matter if they poured in beer or vodka, wine or whiskey. When the "cup" was full, the Rebbe would drink the whole thing and begin saying Torah.

Here is the corroboration of a first-hand eyewitness:

Reb Moshe Tarchensky, z"l, was the Rav of Krementchuk and an ardent chasid of the Rebbe Reb Motele, zy"a. In the book Al Avoseinu V'Al Yechusam (K'far Chabad, 5759), his grandson relates that Reb Moshe was "connected to the Rebbe [Reb Mottele] with all his heart and soul". The following is a free translation from the aforementioned book: "When Reb Moshe would speak about the greatness of the Rebbe, he would often say that there were two times when one could clearly see that the Rebbe was not entirely of this world. One such time was on Rosh Hashana when the Rebbe would stand in his place for two full days and nights and no one could discern any fatigue in the Rebbe. The second time was on Purim. The Rebbe used to drink very strong liquor, "spirit mamash", in huge volumes that the average person could not stand up to. And as he would increase his drinking, so too would he increase genius upon his genius, and be mechadesh chidushim in Torah, more and more wondrous, like a vibrant flowing spring, in a crystal-clear frame of mind, with holiness and purity. Fortunate are those who beheld this sight."

The following story is well-known:

Once when Purim was on Erev Shabbos, Reb Motele was unable to stand up unaided. Two chassidim picked him up and walked him to the Beis Medrash to tzind licht (as was his custom), or to go to mikva (as one version has it). The Rebbe exclaimed: "Chazal (Bava Basra 10a) say פחד קשה יין מפיגו - one who is fearful or apprehensive should drink wine since wine removes fear. Today is Purim so ונהפך הוא - it should be the opposite, and the fear of Shabbos will remove the effects of the alcohol." He then let go of his attendants and proceeded into the Beis Medrash as if he had not had anything to drink.

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