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Friday, February 3, 2012

Let My Neshama Go!

We tend to judge Paroah very harshly because he saw all of these miracles and refused to bend, but take a look at us! How much of our own potential is in captivity, and because we don't want to be made uncomfortable, which would be the requirement in order to maximize that potential, we don't liberate it. There is a Divine echo reverberating through our collective and individual consciousness, bidding, "Let my neshama go! Liberate it! Allow it the freedom to maximize itself!" Yet we, like Paroah, ignore the call and respond with, "No." We don't want to be displaced, we don't want to be inconvenienced. We may go so far, but push comes to shove we are not willing to release our soul and potential from captivity.

Miracles occur all around us that attest to the validity of Hashem's calling. Stories of maintaining one's integrity, of self-sacrifice, of the purity and innocence of young children abound; the miracle of self-actualization is not foreign to us. We all have moments when our true self shines brilliantly through the dreary tegument from behind which we generally live - a wondrous experience! Do we dare be a Paroah and deny the open hand of Hashem ever present in ourselves?

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