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Friday, January 20, 2012

Reb Leibele's Yahrtzeit on Monday

This coming Monday, the 28th of Teves, is the yahrtzeit of Rebbe Benzion Yehudah Leib Twerski, better known as the Rebbe Reb Leibele.

Together with Rav Efraim Twerski and his chevra, we will be going out to Reb Leibele's tziyun in Chicago at about 3:00 pm. Anyone interested in going should please contact me at

For those who cannot join us, feel free to send in names for kvittelach, and I will bring them along, bl"n.

Info regarding the location of the tziyun and directions on how to find it are here (be sure to see the last comment there).

"He is the Rebbe's son!"

Ordinary Ruach Hakodesh...

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