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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Time For Arrogance (by Rav Mottel Twerski, ztz"l)

Today (Elul 15) is the yahrtzeit of the Rebbe's older brother, Reb Mottel Twerski, ztz"l. In 1994 an article he wrote for Rosh Hashana was printed and then reprinted in Turning Pages: A Compilation of Twerski Writings. Here it is, retyped from there.

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, it is interesting to note that Rosh Hashanah does not commemorate the first day of Creation, but, rather, the sixth day, the day that Adam was created.

Recognizing this could result in our being quite conceited. Look how important man is - this whole solemn day just to commemorate my creation. On the other hand, our Sages instruct us in no uncertain terms that we must be humble. How do we reconcile these two concepts?

There is no question that in all of our behavior, humility is of the utmost importance. Conceit and arrogance are disgusting traits.

However, there is an exception. When it comes to service of Hashem, one is often tempted to say, "Who am I? Of what importance is my deed? What difference can my mitzvah or my transgression be to the world or to our Creator?"

At this point, one should suddenly become conceited and say, "Because of me the world was created. My good deeds or misdeeds do make a difference. This solemn day is to commemorate my creation."

With this thought in mind, may you have a happy and blessed New Year.

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