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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Acharei Mos and Kedoshim Links


Even though it is more for Parshas Shemini, the discussion the episode of Nadav and Avihu carries through to Acharei Mos as well. In the extended article, there are two links on the topic of Aharon's silence, along with three audio shiurim. In addition, there are links to previous posts from Parshas Kedoshim.
 (DOR: Behar is about how to remain silent and accept adversity with equanimity and even possibly joy, using Aharon Hakohen as the example.)

Kedoshim: Burn Away Evil or Light Up the Darkness 

Kedoshim 5771: Holiness in Numbers

Also, the shul's website has the following three shiurim for Acharei Mos:

Running time: 13:58 minutes - Size: 12.8Mb

I Will Be There For You 
Running time: 17:29 minutes - Size: 3.00Mb

Nadav and Avihu in Brain Surgery 
Running time: 21:45 minutes - Size: 3.73Mb


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