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Friday, February 18, 2011

Parshas Ki Sisa: When To Use Holy Pride

"R' Meir Shapiro" Tiefenbrun Art Collection
Once, the Rebbe's father, Rebbe Yaakov Yisroel, ztz”l and Rav Meir Shapiro (of Daf Yomi fame) were traveling on the same train. Rebbe Yaakov Yisroel used to travel coach and inasmuch as Rav Shapiro was considered a dignitary, he traveled first class. When Rav Shaipro heard that the Hornosteipler Rebbe was on the train, he relocated to coach to sit with the Rebbe, ztz”l.

In the course of the conversation, Rav Shapiro said the following: Sometimes a person needs to have gaaveh d’kedusha, literally “holy pride”. The pasuk (Shemos 33:21-22) says הנה מקום אתי, if there is a place for Hashem here, then ונצבת על הצור, be strong with this “holy pride”. But if והיה בעבור כבודי, if My honor is not here, then ושמתיך בנקרת הצור, lay low in the cleft of a rock, practice humility.

(Heard from the Rebbe on Shabbos Chol Hamoed 5767)

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